clay brick pavers for Burnsville Minnesota landscapesClay Brick Pavers and their Attributes

Clay brick pavers’ beauty and function is timeless in the entire history of landscaping, and is one of the oldest green products known. The majority of pavers are produced with sand, not clay.

Clay Brick pavers have many excellent advantages

(1) The color and finish of clay brick will not fade because they are made from natural elements in the earth’s soil.

(2) Brick pavers are very durable; they can withstand severe temperatures and weather conditions.

(3) Clay brick paver repairs are easily done. Simply lift and replace the damaged paver.

(4) Costs of clay brick pavers are in your favor. The difference between a clay brick paver and the top range cement paver may roughly run a $1.00 per square foot.


Clay Brick pavers are ideal for siding, sidewalks, driveways, wainscoting, patio accents, fireplaces, lawn edging, planters, terraces, and more. Your true clay brick paver is indeed made of clay. They typically looks like a brick in both color and form. On average, traditional clay bricks have a dimension of 4”x8”.


After a careful cleaning, we make sure your flagstone pavers dry properly. Cracking and lifting may occur if the sealer was not able to penetrate through the paver enough. Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape knows the best type of sealer for any application of brick pavers. We will ensure that you get the choice selection for your application!


(1) Use a simple detergent to clean clay brick pavers. For strong stains, you can create up to a 2:1 mixture of water and bleach. Then (2) simply scrub the pavers with a soft to medium blistered brush/broom, and (3) hose it off. You can pressure wash clay brick pavers as well; we recommend you repair any loose bricks first.

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