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I am voluntarily writing this Letter Of Recommendation for Mr. Kyle Fredrickson, Owner of Fredrickson Lawn & Landscape of Lakeville, MN. Mr. Fredrickson did not ask me to write this, but we are so happy with the results of his landscape work that we want to put our satisfaction for his work in writing.

We started out by interviewing eight contractors. We got their names by word-of-mouth, recommendations from friends and from the “Contractor Board” at Menards in Apple Valley. We had a written list of what we wanted to have done. When a contractor came to see our property, we presented him with this list, asked him for his suggestions, and asked that he get back to us with an approximate bid. We also asked each one to include a rough sketch of what they would do. We heard back from only four of the eight. We considered what each of the four said, along with their drawings. Taking information from each one, we finalized our work by writing a detailed, specific plan of what we wanted done along with a final drawing of our project. We then sent this same information to each contractor and requested his bid for the work. To be fair to each, we wanted them all to bid on the exact same work.

Of the remaining contractors, we chose Kyle Fredrickson for these reasons:
(1) His bid price for the work was the lowest one.
(2) He made suggestions that would improve our project and save us money.
(3) At all times, he displayed an eager and friendly demeanor that gave us the distinct impression that he was really trying to help us.

During the project, little problems came up, as they always will. Kyle was always willing to listen to my concerns and then he made things right. At all times he displayed a “can-do” attitude. Also, his crew was hard-working, friendly, respectful and clean. Now that the project is complete, we are very satisfied with the quality of his work and the overall end result. We will be happy to talk with you about his work and will also be available to personally show you the landscaping work that he did for us. If you will call us for an appointment at least one day ahead of time, we will set a time for you to see it.

by James Ehmer

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