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Dethatching Lawn Seeding Sod: Dethatching is the process of removing excess thatch

For Minnesota landscapes, it is best to dethatch our common grass varieties in early spring. When lawns are dethatched in spring, the new grass crowns are given a boost for the coming season.

If a severe thatch problem is discovered in spring, you will need to decide if more damage will be done by dethatching in spring or if it is best to schedule the lawn thatching come fall. When it is time to dethatch, we mowing the lawn fairly low just before starting and it makes the job easier.

As Minnesotans, we are eager to launch lawn work as soon as Springs warmth melts the snow. However, raking too early can actually harm your lawn. Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape will help you determine if your lawn needs dethatching. We will evaluate your soil and grass roots to help decide just when to dethatch. When soils are still cold and muddy, dethatching may unnecessarily uproot otherwise healthy grass plants and contribute to soil compaction.

Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape has a full Spring Clean-up service. We can help you determine in this is also the time for lawn over seeding, or if some lawn areas need new sod.

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