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Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape: Benefits of Granite Pavers. Custom granite paver outdoor living spaces.

Granite pavers have many excellent advantages. (1) Their quick availability and close tolerances give incredible choices for your design. (2) Granite is resistant to the long-term effects of Minnesota weather; they withstand the harshness of cold environments beautifully.(3) Their pattern and color choice are varied, rich and add finesse to landscapes. (4)It is in plentiful supply, ensuring they will be available for a long time should you want more.

For exterior natural stone landscaping from businesses or homes, chose granite pavers designed for outdoor use and custom paver driveways. If you plan to use the pavers on your driveway, make sure they are rated for heavy weight and vehicle traffic.


Granite pavers are used in a variety of outdoor landscaping applications. We love being creative with granite for walkways, patios, balconies, decks, pool side area, outdoor dining areas, front entrances and more.


If Granite Pavers are highly polished, they will maintain their brilliance for many generations. The finer or smaller granite minerals are stronger and more durable than larger grained.


Granite paver maintenance will depend on variables such as the bedding thickness, paver depth, how much traffic the surface takes, etc. Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape will help you access your needs.

A full landscape service specialized in pavers, flagstone, fireplaces, patios, retaining walls, concrete and more, revealing Kyle Fredrickson’s sensibility for curb appeal, functionality, texture, light, color, safety, and drainage.

Taking pride in our quality services, our passion for creating outdoor custom living spaces is unsurpassed. We help you increase and maintain your properties value, whether residential or commercial, all seasons, from lawn mowing to snow removal. Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape services the south metro, primarily Dakota County: Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, Credit River, Eagan, Elko, Farmington, Lakeville, Prior Lake, Rosemount, Savage, and Shakopee, Minnesota.

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