Landscape Fall Clean upFredrickson Lawn And Landscape Checklist for Fall Clean-Up Check List

Landscape Fall Clean Up: Call Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape services when fall temperatures remind us that a good landscape clean-up will put you at ease for Minnesota’s winter months ahead.

Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape can help you make the most of your Curb Appeal by taking care of your Landscape’s Fall Cleaning.

A compaction of leaves and long grass left to over winter on your lawn may suffocate the roots and and / or harbor pests. Our services include haul off and disposal of excess clippings and brush.

Our experienced landscape crews will take a close look at your paver custom paver sidewalks, paver driveways, and patio pavers to see if they need cleaning, sealing or repair. We also check for soil compaction, and will recommend aeration if needed. As your full service landscape contractor, we will correct problems before they have get out of hand, giving you the best landscape and curb appeal to insure the value of your home!


landscpaing tips for homeowners Protect your outdoor furniture and fixtures from the elements.

landscpaing tips for homeowners Check alkalinity/acidity levels of your soil. Amend as need for better growth.

landscpaing tips for homeowners Move perennials and bushes that may grow and/or bloom more profusely with the correct amount of shade or sun your variety prefers.

landscpaing tips for homeowners Purchase and install tree locks or chain locks for winter protection if needed. If using rope, make sure it has some give.

landscpaing tips for homeowners Hire a professional or check with your city/county waste disposal if needed for removal of extra debris.

landscpaing tip 6 for homeowners Ensure that any arbor or trellises that will remain in place all winter can stand up to winds.

landscape tip 7 for homeowners If rainfall has pooled excessively on your lawn, aerate compressed soil so water and nutrients can reach the roots.

landscpaing tip 8 Fertilize to keep grass roots actively growing until the ground gets down to approximately 40 degrees.

yard landscape tip 9 Adjust how high you cut your grass: your lawn makes best use of its food in the upper blade.

home landscape tip 10 Invest in a few new shrubs. back fill appropriately per each unique shrub’s preferences with the right amount of soil.

Your Fall Clean-up Maintains Your Investment in Curb Appeal

Our commitment is to keep your properties looking their best all year long by tending to the little things at the right time. Taking a proactive approach to your landscape maintenance as you close the year will help saves you time and money. Try Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape professional services to see that we make a great choice for all your lawn and landscape needs. We help homeowners and businesses make sure their yard and landscape is ready for winter.

If your home’s curb appeal makes a great first impression, everyone — including potential homebuyers — will want to see what’s inside. ~ Better Homes and Gardens

Our full landscape service specialized in pavers, flagstone, fireplaces, patios, retaining walls, concrete and more, revealing Kyle Fredrickson’s sensibility for curb appeal, including extensive fall clean up service. Call 952-334-6660.