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Natural stone landscape pavers are incredibly durable, rich with texture and intriguing patterns, and considered by many to be of superior appearance to man made concrete or brick paver.

At Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape, we are passionate about our custom paver builds. The look and quality of natural stone is elegant and sophisticated all at once, definitely speaking of your individual taste and sense of style. You will be amazed at how much finesse and value you can add to your home by investing in pavers for increased Curb Appeal. Our satisfied customers have found the beauty, value, and atmosphere of a paver patio far out weighs it’s initial cost.

Natural stone’s free-form shapes allow for creativity with borders, flower beds, shrubbery that personalizes out door areas, bringing them to life. When used as a finished edging, natural stone pavers create a cleanly divided area from hard-scape to soft-scape. There is a timeless beauty to natural stone paitio pavers that is durable, functional, and appealing for the years to come. Contact Kyle Fredrickson and let us show you how natural stone gives structure and adds character with it’s graceful lines, strength, soft hues, and quiet enduring presence.

We’ve worked very hard to make Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape more than just your every day landscape company. Read our Client Referrals and become one of our happy customers.

Cost of Natural Stone Pavers

The Natural Stone of which granite, marble, bluestone, limestone, and flagstone pavers are made exist in the earth and have been formed over millions of years. The unique natural beauty of these stones has made these pavers a leading choice in landscape design. Costs vary by which stone you choose , though as a general rule, they are more costly than concrete pavers.

Common Uses of Natural Stone Pavers

Stone pavers are naturally durable, low maintenance, and come a many shapes, making them easy to use for nearly every out door living space. We commonly make custom paver build for outdoor applications such as driveways, sidewalks, pool surrounds, out door dining areas, walking paths, patios, porches, courtyards, and edging.

Color of Natural Stone Pavers

Made from natural stone, as expected the color selection of stone pavers is somewhat limited. Although restricted to natural colors, the colors are beautiful, elegant, and complement nearly any existing decor. Stone pavers are commonly found in the blue-gray color range, including an array of earthy and natural tones of ivory, grey, black, gold, beige, walnut, bronze and more.

Natural Stone Pavers Finishes

A list of stone paver finishes, though not exhaustive, would include polished, antiqued, brushed, chiseled edge, thermal, honed, sand blasted, saw cut, acid washed, and flamed. Each finish has been used over the years to create different themes for certain household areas. Their uneven quality makes for a naturally slip-resistant walking surface.

Maintenance of Natural Stone Pavers

Stone pavers never fade even after years of exposure to the sun. They will not lose their form, shape, durability, or color. Natural stone pavers stand up remarkably to heavy traffic, and inclement weather. Clean your natural stone with a simple soap and water solution, using a nylon scrub brush. Metal scrub brushes could possible damage some types of softer natural stone.

Types of Natural Stone Pavers

Types of natural stone you may be familiar with include granite, limestone, travertine, marble, slate, sandstone, ledgestone, flagstone, porphyry and bluestone. Most of these can be can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes custom fit for your project. The many types of natural stone available lends to making them ideal as a prime building material for all kinds of landscape structures.

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