Retaining Wall Blocks: Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape Burnsville MNRetaining Wall Blocks by Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape

Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape applies the same oversight and care to all projects, great or small. Our years of landscaping experience have taught us how to build a retaining wall properly.

Landscape Retaining Wall Uses:

Retaining wall landscape uses Defining your gardens from lawn areas and outdoor living spaces

Retaining walls preserve moisture They also divert water from the base of your home while preserving valuable moisture for plants

Retaining wall landscape offers privacy Create privacy and a restful area for quiet moments with family and friends

Retaining wall landscape uses Finally, they highlight and showcase your prized shrubbery and flower beds

At each stage of the retaining wall installation, we use the correct mix of gravel back-fill and compacted earth, high-grade stone and concrete from foundation to the wall’s cap. Retaining walls require the proper number of weep holes, secure rebar, and other landscaping details. Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape considers all aspects of the site: soil conditions, water drainage patterns, final grading, the functionality of your outdoor living spaces, your privacy, and individual requests.

Planning and Retaining Wall Installation

We respect your property, time, and investment, mindful that it is a privilege to be the landscape contractor chosen to meet your landscaping needs. Frost and extreme Minnesota cold winters are no problem when carefully considered in our planning and retaining wall installation. We keep in mind that you want your retaining wall to look great front and back to enhance your property’s curb appeal and value.

If your property has an incline or slope, you may have found yourself limited when it comes to outdoor games, play yards, walking paths, garden plots, or vehicle parking needs. Adding a retaining wall can create a level outdoor living space giving you a smooth, level area that everyone can really use.

Retaining Walls Enhance a Home’s Curb Appeal

Retaining walls can be used broadly by generally fitting into one of two specific purposes in a landscape design: structural or simply to enhance your landscape’s curb appeal and beauty. Structural walls are necessary when a wall supports soil through a change in grade on the property, one example is when when a retaining wall is next to an exposed basement. We make it our top priority through out the design and installation of retaining walls to recognize and counteract the fact that the retained material will always attempt to move forward and down-slope due to gravity. Our work will stand the test of time. Read our client testimonials; we are proud of our work. For a professional polished look, we are skilled at mortar matching, unique insets, and wide variety of textures accomplished through the wide variety of natural stone. Modular Block Walls or Segmental Retaining Walls are commonly used.

Variations of a Segmental Retaining Wall

Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape will work closely with you in your choice of material. A segmental retaining wall can be built in a variety of shapes and designs. Many materials are available: block, masonry, flagstone, sandstone, concrete, cultured stone, limestone and more. Concrete blocks or cement are simple, inexpensive, and can have a textured added for interest. Retaining walls have early beginnings made of such material as railroad ties, or timber walls, sheet pile walls and brick. Usually these are used for non-structural use, such as for landscaping, aesthetics, or where these materials are available easily and more economically than other types. Your design choices are much about what you plan to use the wall for and the look you want to showcase.

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