Benefits of Tumbled Marble Pavers
Tumbled Marble Pavers: Benefits of Use

Tumbled marble pavers have many great benefits.

(1) They are incredibly strong and easy to install for your next natural stone landscaping project. (2) They are timeless, durable and versatile. (3) Marble pavers are excellent for exterior sand-set applications. Sizes generally come in a wide selection from 4″ x 8″ to 24″ x 24″. (4)One economic benefit is that marble pavers last a lifetime for top curb appeal ; think of the many standing tributes to marble existing today but built generations ago.

Marble pavers are ideal for pool side areas or pool coping. They are also a popular material when it comes to cladding and coping, Marble pavers can create a natural earthy look or an elegant formal appearance. Their versatility makes them a top choice and are widely applied for an up-scale look!

Trimming marble pavers must be done carefully and with the proper tools to create the shape for your specific landscape dimensions. Our skilled crews know how to make the right cuts and avoid unnecessary splitting.

Applications for Tumbled Marble Pavers

Marble pavers are commonly used for landscape design, because of their rich and elegant appeal. Marble pavers can be applied to create courtyards, walkways throughout the garden, flooring for a patio, deck or outdoor eating areas, impressive entrance, and/or balconies. Because marble pavers are even harder than travertine, they are perfect for driveways.

Polishing and Sealing

Marble pavers have a beautiful shine and richness when polished. We recommend using a polishing wheel and buffing compound. Or contact Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape for your full-service, hard surface care company. For a high traffic area, non-reflective finishes require less maintenance, but must be sealed. Proper polishing and sealing will protect your marble pavers from scratches.


Fredrickson Lawn And Landscape will also offer a timeline as to how often cleaning or a sealant for your tumbled marble pavers would need to be reapplied. Marble pavers may absorb oils and other strong liquids; and are acid sensitive. We will help you choose the best mildly alkaline detergent for your landscape needs. Marble pavers naturally repel mold and mildew, and generally require only a diluted cleaning solution.

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